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The app for controlling errands and assignments

Install it on Android ver. 4.0. or higher
Unique features of LeaderTask
Everything necessary for
the effective control
Lists of errandsLists of errands for every day and of any type
SubtasksThe nesting level of subtasks is not limited
Tree-Like StructureTasks, projects, contacts, tags can be organized in a tree-like structure
StorageKeeping data copies in the protected cloud storage
Tasks Reminders
Attaching FilesAttaching any files to tasks
Offline Mode
ColorMarking tasks with any color
Searching TasksSearching tasks, projects, comment, contacts
Changing PropertiesChanging properties of several tasks in one operation
SortingSorting tasks by 17 parameters
Discussions On Tasks
Common ProjectsCollective work on projects
Repeated Tasks
Supporting Time Management Systems
LeaderTask unites
the best Time Management
GTD — Getting Things Done (David Allen)
Stephen Covey System
Brian Tracy System
Pomodoro Technique (Francesco Cirillo)
Alan Lakein System
Benjamin Franklin System
Bodo Schaefer System
John Von Eiken System
Julie Morgenstern System
Yana Frank System
Alexander Lyubischeff System
TimeDrive (Glyeb Arkhangyelsky)
Turbo Time Management (LeaderTask Company System)
Final Version, Autofocus, Superfocus, (Marc Forster)
Other platforms
Select the necessary
Android 4.0 or higher required